What do guides do on their day off?

The question is commonly broached while floating down a river to a guide, "So, what do you do on your days off?"  The answer is not as simple as it may seem.  For Big Creek Expeditions, Inc. guides, the answer to a day off from rafting on the Pigeon River usually tends to find its solution while meandering country roads enroute, to float another river.  The best answer is usually the simplest.  We float another river…

In the Southeastern United States, particularly in the Smoky Mountains, there are endless options of river sections to chose from.  The hardest decision to make is where our next voyage will take us.  Recently, a trip to the Chattooga River on the border of Georgia and South Carolina was the destination.  A group of four Big Creek guides and brave significant others set off on a journey through Section IV of the Chattooga River for a Sunday afternoon excursion.  For most participants on the voyage, it would be our first sights to the magnificent, and heralded "Woodall Shoals" and the "Five Falls."  Pictures and video were taken of the expedition to divulge the grandeur of a marvelous jewel of the southeast. 
So, to accurately answer the question, "What does a river guide do on their day off," you just have to ask the guide the next time you are in their boat of where they just came from.
– Robert

whitewater excusion in the smoky mountains

whitewater river guides in appalachian mountains

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